Vera Burke

 "Mike was very thorough and reliable, I felt comfortable doing business with him.“

Barbara Conklin-N.

 Thank you very much,  for making the buying and selling of my lot so smooth.  You are the most outstanding agent I have ever encountered. I am sure you will always be a successful agent in any real estate climate. Your professionalism, service, and friendliness speak volumes for your credibility. When our lives are so hectic, having you at the helm is a godsend. I wish you and your family many blessings”

Jerry Slavens

 "Mike is a real estate professional. He sold my home quickly in a very slow real estate market. I appreciate Mike not only for his suggestions in making my house more marketable, but also for his knowledge and expertise in finding the laborers to get the job done quickly and at a very reasonable cost. I can highly recommend Mike Carlos without hesitation."

Rob Falkenhayn

 "Mike was a great agent who maintained a professional attitude throughout our business relationship. He was able to help sort out many of the frustrating details buyers can pose to sellers without batting an eye. Additionally his team did a fantastic job marketing my home both online and through marketing materials." 

Evan Hunter

 "Both Mike and his wife Amber were a great help in helping us find our house. We didn't know much of anything regarding home purchasing before contacting Mike, but he walked us through the process and found our home for us in only a short amount of time. He is very knowledgeable about all real estate aspects and was always willing to meet our schedules and needs. I highly recommend Mike and Amber and will surely give them more business in the future.“

Leigh Brown

 “I can highly recommend Mike Carlos.  He took awesome care of some clients of mine, was highly professional and just rocked overall.“

Ashley Marlow

A BIG thank you to Team Carlos for getting my house SOLD!! My home was on the market with another local real estate company for over a year. Switching to Team Carlos was the best decision I made in the entire process. I know if I hadn’t, my home would still be on the market today. To anyone who is thinking about putting a home on the market, I recommend contacting Team Carlos!
Team Carlos was a pleasure to work with. They were in constant contact with me, providing weekly updates and making sure I understood everything completely. They were always 5 steps ahead of the process, and always thought outside of the box. Florida’s housing market was at an all-time low but Team Carlos’ spirit was not. They never gave up, even when it seemed we would never sell the home. Their positive outlook gave me a reason to believe everything would, in fact, be ok.
Go with Team Carlos. They will get YOUR home sold too!!

Stephanie Dutcher

 “Mike and his team recently helped us sell our home as a short sale and they did a wonderful job. We don't live in Tallahassee anymore and they made the process easy to conduct via email. They understand all sides of the short sale process and this helped us price our home correctly, negotiate with the buyer, and negotiate with the bank. We are so pleased with Mike's work and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Paul Anway

 “Mike and his team worked for over a year and a half to get my condo sold. The only reason it took that long was because of the bank. Mike priced it and within a week an offer was on the table but the bank turned that offer down. At the end of the whole process the final selling price was much less that original offer, and the bank actually wanted me to kick in money! The team was extra professional, the advice they gave was spot on and they hung in for the long haul. They earned every single penny of the small commission they got out of the deal. Great Job!!!”

Amanda Prater

 “A HUGE thanks to an awesome real estate team, Mike Carlos with Keller Williams Realty on the successful sale of our old house--YAY! He, his wife, and the rest of the team were a breeze to work with. Extremely professional, always responsive and just on top of it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Highly recommend to all my Tally friends.”

Ty Andrews

 "I attempted to sell my home for 2 years in Tallahassee after moving to Atlanta and had no luck. In spite of the poor real estate market and realtors that simply weren't a good fit, Team Carlos was very aggressive, attentive and used very smart strategy to get my home SOLD within 6 months. I really appreciated their "no nonsense", straight forward approach during a very stressful time period. They have proven themselves to be extremely knowledgeable in the short sale market. Team Carlos also knows how to navigate through the very challenging process of paper shuffling and inconsistencies in the bank system. I highly recommend them!"